Weather’s great — reserve a campsite

May 5, 2011

San Mateo County offers camping at numerous parks a short drive or even a bicycle ride away from anywhere in the county. Make memories or you and your family this year by going camping. To learn more and to make a reservation, visit the Parks website.

May 3 Election Update

May 4, 2011

The Elections Office will update the election results on Thursday, May 5 at 4:30 p.m.

This hotly contested special election was held to fill the vacant District 1 seat on the Board of Supervisors and to determine voter support for three school districts seeking parcel taxes.

With 549 of 549 precincts reporting, the results for District 1 Supervisor so far are:

                                            Vote Count      Percentage

DAVE PINE                      21,504               27.2%

RICHARD HOLOBER         20,565               26.0%

GINA PAPAN                    20,346               25.8%

TERRY NAGEL                    7,979                10.1%

MICHAEL G. STOGNER      5,896                   7.5%

 DEMETRIOS NIKAS          2,683                   3.4%

Approximately 6,225 ballots will be processed to complete the vote count. These are being processed to determine voter eligibility and if the voter’s signature matches the signature on file, and once confirmed, the ballots are sorted by precinct, scanned and tallied. This is a “winner take all” election with no run off.

For more information and to view updates, go to and click on the “Get Election Results” button near the top of the page.

State should base budget on program performance

May 2, 2011

The Sacramento Bee on Sunday, May 1, ran an opinion piece by County Manager David S. Boesch supporting basing State budget decisions on a program’s actual performance.

“What is performance-based budgeting?,” he wrote. “It’s how businesses and you and I budget for our companies and households. It’s budgeting for results.”

Read the article at the Sacramento Bee’s website.

Streets Alive a success

May 2, 2011

People across San Mateo County enjoyed car-free streets and other outdoor activities on Sunday, May 1, during Streets Alive.

Badminton, soccer, dancing, history walks and tai-chi were among the activities that took place from Brisbane to East Palo Alto. Streets Alive aims to encourage people to get outside and get healthy and to demonstrate the benefits of safe, car-free streets.

In South San Fancisco, for instace, officials closed a section of Grand Avenue through the downtown and turned the roadway into a playground.

Go to to learn more and view more photos.

Response to promised lawsuit over coastal project

May 2, 2011

On Thursday, April 28, the County was alerted by news reporters that an environmental group said it had filed a lawsuit to block a proposed development on the coast.  In response, Marshall Wilson, the County’s communications director, issued the following statement:

We have not seen the complaint but the County stands behind the unanimous decision of the Board of Supervisors.
The project will provide affordable housing for 50 developmentally disabled adults, and small business and job opportunities for coastside residents who now often travel far to work and to shop.  The County worked hard to ensure the project included 380,000 square feet of wetland and habitat restoration, trails, and an organic farming operation.
Approval of the project came only after years of thorough study of the project’s impacts, which the developer has worked to mitigate.  The environmental impact report was researched and prepared by an independent consultant and the County.  We are confident that the judge will agree that the County acted appropriately.
For the staff report and other background on the project, see item number 3 on the Board’s agenda.


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